Schedules for the Warm Up for State Now Posted

The schedules for this weekends Warm Up for State are now posted. To view the schedules click on the Warm Up For State tab to the left of this message. Directions to the sites can be found by clicking on the site name within the schedules.

IMPORTANT NOTE - Battle at the Beach Information


Your teams will now have 2 chances to play basketball in beautiful Panama City Beach. Due to the high prices and low availability of accommodations over Memorial Day weekend the numbers for this event have declined over the last couple of years. Georgia YBOA Girls division has now joined with another organization for this event. We will now have 2 tournaments in Panama City Beach and we expect they will be able to grow again as lodging will be less expensive and more available.


The new dates for the Battle at the beach tournaments are below:

Battle at the Beach - Week 1 (Ballin in Florida)

Tournament Date - May 18 - 20

Locations - Gulf Coast College, Rutherford High School and other area locations


Battle at the Beach - Week 2 (Florida Showdown)

Tournament Date - June 22 - 24

Locations - Gulf Coast College, Rutherford High School and other area locations


For more information please contact:

Chris Turnbow - 770-560-3809 or Herman Porter - 706-442-1426

Important YBOA Georgia Girls Information

YBOA Georgia Girls Contact Information

Office Phone   : 770-627-5939
ChrisTurnbow : 770-560-3809

Email :




Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday     : 9:00am - 8:00pm
Saturday - Sunday : 9:00am - 5:00pm

Wednesday afternoons and evenings we prepare schedules for our weekend events. We experience high call volume during these times for that weeks event. Please email us during these times for questions that do not concern that weeks event.

From Friday night until Sunday afternoon we are at our sites for that weekends tournament and can be reached by cell phone at 770-560-3809. We answer calls on the weekends that are regarding that weekends event. Please call Monday - Friday for all other calls or email us at .


Registering with YBOA and Entering Events


You must register your team with YBOA to play in Georgia YBOA Girls tournaments. Once you have registered with YBOA you can enter any YBOA tournament in the Nation at . You can enter a tournament before you have registered with YBOA as long as you have registered with YBOA prior to first tournament check-in.


Step 1

Read our Rules and Regulations and YBOA GA Zero Tolerance Policy. By entering a tournament you are verifying that the coaches, parents and players have read the rules and zero tolerance policies and will abide by them.


Step 2

New for 2018 Register your team and coaches on line with YBOA using your credit card at 

For 2018: YBOA Team Membership is only $ 79.00!
YBOA Team Membership includes your YBOA Team Registration, up to 12 Player Registrations,, Liability & Secondary Accident Coverage for your players. (Additional players (up to 15 total) may be added for only $ 10.00 each .


Step 3

Coaches are required to complete a background check with YBOA sanctioned events. This will be done by YBOA once you register as a Coach. You DO NOT need to worry with this unless contacted by YBOA. A coach is required to have accident coverage and MUST complete the coaches section on the team registration application on line at through YBOA using your credit card.
$ 20.00 yearly (Max. of 3 per team)

To enter a Georgia YBOA Girls tournament you will need to complete an online entry form by clicking on the "Registration" link at the top of this page. For additional help entering tournaments please email us at or call us at 770-627-5939. You can enter a tournament before you have registered with YBOA as long as you have registered with YBOA prior to first tournament check-in.


Our events are listed on the left side of this page. Please click on the name of the event for further information regarding that tournament.



Welcome to the 2018 Georgia YBOA Girls Season

We would like to welcome all of our new and returning teams for another season of YBOA basketball. Join YBOA for only $79.00 per team (Includes 12 players) and $20.00 per Coach. Click the link below to be redirected to the YBOA National website for team resgistration:

Click Here To Register Your Team With YBOA

UPDATE - TOURNAMENT LOCATIONS ADDED - To view a draft of our 2018 events and for specific tournament information please click on the tournament name in the Tournaments Tab to the left of this message. Tournament locations will be updated as we confirm our sites for each weekend.

Real Time Scoring and More - ScorBot:

We offer real time scores via text message so fans can keep up with team scores and schedules. Simply text the phone number listed on your schedule with your team id (you can follow as many teams as you want just separate the team id with a comma or space) and you will get real time score updates to include your next matchup the time and location of the games. This is a free service unless your cell phone provider charges you for text messages.

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